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    5 Don’ts in Writing Your DEI Statement

    • Nov 24, 2020
    • Manya Whitaker

    Search committees routinely ask candidates to submit a statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here’s what not to write.

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    Is a Timely Rejection Too Much to Ask? (Hint: It’s Not)

    • Nov 5, 2020
    • Andrew Cheng

    It’s demeaning to find out about the status of your faculty application from an academic-jobs wiki. When and why did departments normalize this?

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    7 Tips on Applying for Faculty Openings at Community Colleges

    • Oct 12, 2020
    • Leigh Anne Shaw

    What job candidates need to know about seeking a teaching position at a two-year college.

  • What if Your Teaching Experience Is Not ‘on Brand’ for the Hiring College?

    • Jan 15, 2020
    • Karen Kelsky

    A common question from job candidates is how to cope with a major disconnect between the place where they earned a Ph.D. and the campuses that are hiring.

  • 4 Tips on Applying for Jobs Outside of Academe

    • Dec 11, 2019
    • Ben Dumbauld

    What’s most important on a Ph.D.’s application for a tenure-track job might be least important in applying for many nonacademic ones.

  • 6 Tips to Improve Your Cover Letter

    • Sep 8, 2019
    • Leonard Cassuto

    Why write an application letter so dry that even you wouldn't want to read it?


    How to Read a Faculty Job Ad

    • Aug 19, 2019

    A primer on the jargon of the academic-job market, aimed at early-career scholars preparing for their first search.

  • 8 Tips to Improve Your CV

    • Jul 21, 2019
    • Leonard Cassuto

    It’s not just a written record of your credentials. It’s an argument in favor of you. Draft it with that in mind.

  • Should I Admit I’m Not Submitting What They Asked For?

    • Jan 8, 2019
    • Karen Kelsky

    You don’t want the search committee to think you sound like a panicked undergraduate trying to explain why a paper is late.

  • Your CV Should Inform; Your Cover Letter Should Persuade

    • Jul 12, 2018
    • Karen Kelsky

    A CV and a cover letter are not just redundant vehicles for the same information.

  • Candidacies Killed by a Typo

    • Mar 19, 2018
    • Dennis Barden

    Instead of being a deal breaker, a mistake on a cover letter should be a chance to build trust on the search committee.

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    The Job Market: Picking Apart Your Application

    • Oct 10, 2017
    • Manya Whitaker

    Search committees have to comb through dozens of pages in each candidate's application. Here is how we do it, and what we're looking for.

  • Pep Montserrat for The Chronicle

    The Best Executive-Job Candidates

    • Apr 30, 2017
    • Zachary A. Smith

    If you find it difficult to be transparent, then you're likely in the search for the wrong reasons.


    Admin 101: Assembling the Application

    • Apr 10, 2017
    • David D. Perlmutter

    Sorry, there’s no avoiding the tedious, heavy paperwork involved in seeking an academic-leadership post.

  • Observatorio Ocupacional / Creative Commons

    Detecting a Bad Fit

    • Nov 2, 2015
    • David D. Perlmutter

    How do you recognize when a department with a job opening is not the place for you?

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    Me and My Shadow CV

    • Oct 18, 2015
    • Devoney Looser

    What would my vita look like if it recorded not just the successes of my professional life but also the many, many rejections.


    From CV to 1-Page Resume

    • Apr 25, 2013
    • Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong

    What you need to know about preparing cover letters and resumes for nonteaching and nonacademic positions.


    Writing Samples and Teaching Statements

    • Dec 20, 2010
    • Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong

    A job candidate seeks advice on the various pieces of written material that make up a job application